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Christina Lybid

Your first jump like in a movie

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jumps behind the 1Jump chief instructor


seconds lasts the flight


people touch the sky every year with 1Jump

Tandem Jumps

Tandem is a beginner’s jump in one skydiving rig with an experienced instructor. Your first WOW! flight from 4000 meter altitude. The feeling of total freedom, adrenaline and experience that you’ll remember forever.

Every month we take to the sky 400+ people. We climb to the aircraft 10 times a day, we solve all the questions on the ground and up there for you to enjoy the uncomparable feeling of freefalling.

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tandem jump with an instructor

video from instructor’s hand

video by an external cameraman

Price: 4000 UAH

Why us

10 minutes to metro

We are easy to reach. Our dropzone is located close to Zhytomyrska metro station. And you'll see Kyiv from above!

Movie to remember

We offer professional photo and video shooting. You'll be able to take with you not just memories but also a documentary of your dream coming true.

All under control

Tandem jump is the safest kind of skydiving. Just follow all the instructions, relax and enjoy the experience!


Max Karas

1Jump Cheif Instructor. Professional skydiver since 2001st. Certified by the United States Parachuting Association (USPA).

Christina Lybid

Responsible for all organizational questions on the ground. She's the one who will meet you, show you around and greet you after your jump.


A sky conquerer, 18+ years old.

...we climbed the helicopter, it took off, and then the girl who was going to jump started crying. Max tried to calm her down by saying, 'You'll be fine, don't worry'. And then she said, 'You don't understand, I'm crying of happiness.'


Adil Aljohanj
Adil Aljohanj
That was fantastic, I made my first jump, and I didn't worrty. The staff working there is highly professional. I loved the time I spent there. If you want to try skydiving, you must do it in this wonderful place.
Ahmed Abdallah
Ahmed Abdallah
Unforgettable experience with amazing Max and Christina. That was an awesome moment. If you want to do this, don't hesitate to try, and don't worry about your safety.
Eugeniy Belik
Eugeniy Belik
Another life challenge is completed. What can I say? That was an unbelievable and very useful experience. At 4200 m altitude your brains starts to work differently, everything gets simple and clear, there are no room for left sentiments anymore...
George Ghawi
George Ghawi
That was my first tandem jump, and I was looking for a right place to do this. I'm happy that I did the flight with these very guys. I do recommend the team, it's very professional and friendly. They met me with a smile...
Shaban Mohamed
Shaban Mohamed
That's one of the greatest things you can do in Kyiv, with an experienced instructor and good equipment. All this deserves more than 5 stars, I highly recommend it!
Victor Pun
Victor Pun
Super cool experience with my first skydive from 4000 meters. My instructor Max is a real 'sky expert'. I took good care of my first jump. Besides, you can get your personal video and photos...

Your questions

We jump at “Chayka” aviational club base. It’s situated at Sophyiska Borshagivka, Antonova 5. It’s just 10 minutes from Zhytomyrska Metro bt car or 25 minutes by bus #37А.
In general we work 2 days a week: Saturday and Sunday. But in warmer season we may jump more often. Follow the news at our Facebook page!
Yes, to jump in tandem you must weight below 120 kg. If you have eyes or breathing diseases ( such as strong myopia or asthma), you should consult with your doctor!
Then we’ll need to wait or postpone the jump for later. We care about your safety!
Call us at +38 093 936 26 10 or +38 067 993 57 03. Max or Christina will answer all your questions.